Where to Start


Do you…

find yourself asking this question?


Are you overwhelmed by all the decisions and tasks you face everyday? We can accomplish great things, if we have a plan and follow it.


Easy for me to say – right? Together we can do this. This blog belongs to all of us. Your hopes and goals are important. By sharing with each other we can help each other to develop a plan that works for you.


I’ll be posting regularly to share my solutions. I look forward to your comments and ideas. Join me on Facebook and share in the fun. Yes, planning can be fun.


By making it fun, instead of a gruesome To-Do list, you’re more likely to keep track of things.  Finding colorful stickers and pictures that motivate you can really help you stay on track.  Just be sure they don’t take attention away from your obligations.


Planning is important, but don’t let it stop you from living life. I’ll talk to you again soon. Post a comment about your issues and solutions for planning below.


My 71 Birthday.

Aging with grace…

cancer killing recipe

So here I Am, 71 years old and alive.
I can walk slowly, talk a lot, write sometimes and I can remember most of it.
And I can count my blessings.
I’m thankful for what I have, and I’m thankful that I don’t have what I don’t need.

I’m feeling old only on my Birthday.
Tomorrow I’m going to be busy living my life and I’m going to be young again.

And if someone ask:”Are you a senior?”
I will say:”Sometimes”.

Mark Twain said:
“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”.

I’m not going to spend the rest of my life worrying that I’m getting older.
Life is to short.
I have to get going.
I have to live my life.
I have to find more STUFF that matters.

Tom petty said:
“If you are not getting older, you’re dead”.
Yes, only…

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My Fifth Head Injury

I’m confused.  I have tunnel vision.  I have had a headache since the accident.  I’m afraid and depressed.


I’m afraid I won’t recover from this.  I am afraid of the future.   I worked so hard after my traumatic brain injury.  Months of therapy.  Hundreds of post-it-notes.  I would set a timer for three minutes, then I would write a note so when the timer went off I could read the note and remember the pot on the stove, dinner in the microwave, whatever task I was trying to do for myself.


I’m not as bad as I was after that car accident, but the feeling of confusion, the lack of concentration, the out-of-body feeling is all too familiar.  Searching for the right words, trying to stay on task long enough to actually get something done.  Panic attacks at loud noises…


Tunnel vision makes me feel like I have a football sitting on my cheek.  I know that there is nothing there, but I find myself reaching up to brush it away.


I flunked my cognitive test.  Now I get to see a neurologist that specializes in older people with head injuries.  I’ve been told, with time I might improve.  The headache might go away.  My vision may be restored.  Things should get back to normal.  I would feel better if everything hadn’t been prefaced with a should or a might.


I’m worried about the increased risk I now face for developing dementia.  What if this is my new normal?  What if I don’t get better?  What if I get worse?  I’m 62.  Only 62.  I want to be alert and wise and share my wisdom with my grandchildren.  I want to hold a great-grandchild.


I pray for healing from this latest head injury.  I know, with God’s help  I will  get better.   In the meantime, I will do my best to stay ‘on track’,  follow my plan and make good use of Post-it-Notes.



How My Mom Faces Adversity with Strength and Courage

Remarkable mothers. Share your inspiring ‘mom’ stories.

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Mom hugs Patty, Me 1960s

At eighty-eight years old, my mom shows more than love and affection to those she cares. She continues to face adversity with strength in a life full of hope and courage. She is a role model for others.

After the loss of my dad, her life partner for fifty-nine years in 2016, my brother, Joe, died suddenly while I visited to celebrate her birthday in 2017. He lived and took care of her since she is sight-impaired and can’t drive.

I worried so much about how she would deal with all of the loss, especially since I reeled for months afterward. I had the support of my family in Colorado. She lives alone.

Her community, friends, and family came together in all kinds of unique ways to help. She’s lucky to live in a small town that cares about each other. That’s not what I’m talking about.

Most people would wither away…

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Finding Your Joy

I see many posts on Facebook giving glory to God followed by a post of how miserable life is.  Posts about people who have ‘done you wrong’.  Humorous GIFs about seeking revenge, followed by another post of how miserable life is.


What’s wrong with this picture?  It is a good thing to give glory to God.  Sharing your belief with others, but don’t undo the good by all the negative posts.  If you truly believe God is the savior of your life, then do all things to God’s glory.  (1 Cor. 10:31).


Matthew 19:26 tells us ” with God all things are possible ” .   Professing our love and belief in Jesus Christ is a good thing, but we need to go beyond  lip service.  Our life should reflect our beliefs.


Jesus has the power to help us through life’s trials.  All we have to do is ask.   John 14:13  Pray for help overcoming negative attitudes.  When you face trials go to God in prayer before you go to Facebook.  With God’s help you will find ways to cope with your trials.


He will give you the strength you need to overcome many of the roadblocks in your life.  Sometimes,  just stepping back and reflecting on a problem will help us see the bigger picture.


Image result for whatever makes you stronger


When my sons were young I taught them the  ‘Thumper Rule’   :  “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  You may be thinking of an adorable little bunny from Bambi when you hear this, but there is nothing adorable about saying mean, hurtful things.


People seem to feel it’s all right to vent their feelings and call out the people they feel wronged them on Facebook.  Sometimes they identify the target of their rant, but other times they use the vague ‘you know who you are’ line.  That is always unsettling to me.


Did I unknowingly offend this person?  Are they talking about me?  Who are they referring to?  Then my mind might go through a list of known acquaintances.  I bet they were talking about…  You see where this in going.


A thoughtless remark by someone can spread like wild fire.  Like an unconfirmed rumor, it can get quickly out of hand.      1 Thessalonians 5:15 says make sure that you don’t  pay back wrong for wrong,  strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.


In the moment, it can be gratifying to post a sizzling retort directed at the situation, but does it really help?  No, it perpetuates the problem and can cause division among friends and family.


I could spend a long time on this topic but I’m sure you’ve gotten the point.  Facebook is not  a washing machine.  Deal with your  ‘dirty laundry’  at home.


Let your light shine in person and on Facebook.  Go to God in prayer for help.  Study God’s Word and apply His principles.  The peace you’ll receive will help you cope with the moments that steal your Joy.


It’s okay to have fun with social media.  Share your beliefs and stay in touch with friends and family.  Just take the time to consider the principles you’ll find listed at Phil. 4:8 before you post.


Now, before you start trying to think about why I wrote this post…  This wasn’t in response to anything specific.  It’s easy to forget how long lasting and far reaching the words we post are.


I’d like to hear your feelings on this subject, so take the time to post your comment below.



How to Beat Mid-Afternoon Slump

Love this inspiring post. Overcoming Mid afternoon (mid life) slump.

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

How to beat Mid-afternoon slump, woman sleeps at computer

Everyone has been hit by mid-afternoon slump but most don’t know how to beat it. Yesterday my body experienced a perfect storm of exhaustion; a few sleepless nights and a food coma crash after lunch while a low-pressure system with unsettled weather rolled in. Super sleepy, my heavy head slumped. I had so much to do. It was still only the middle of the afternoon. I needed to wake up!

I tried everything to fight it off.

I drank caffeine. I took a nap. Then I walked outside. Three times. When that didn’t work, I took a shower. I looked longingly at my bed and then JUMPED UP AND DOWN! Seriously, up and down.

That helped a little, but when I sat down and looked at my computer screen, my heavy lids sagged again. Dang!

Sleeping on my computer in office

My plans had included revising a few chapters in my current novel, finishing a blog post…

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Keto Fitbit Walkers


I have been following a ketogenic diet for a month now.  I’m very happy with the results.  My blood sugar levels are very good.  No more fasting sugars as high as 530!!


I thought it would be hard to give up bread and potatoes.  Not to mention my cotton candy infatuation.  It helps that a Keto diet helps stave off hunger.  The additional fat keeps you satisfied longer.


It only took a few days for my body to adjust to burning fat instead of sugar for energy.  I actually feel better now, with less sleepy periods.  I am finding I don’t snack as much.  On a regular diet I snacked a lot more.  If I feel like I need a treat I’ll have a few olives or a slice of cheese.  No more M&M’s for me.


I followed an Atkins diet several years ago, but I didn’t stay with it.  The Keto diet is easy to follow and I’m experimenting with some baked snacks.  I bought almond flour.  I haven’t found any low carb baking mix locally so I might order some and try it.


The one thing I was sure I wouldn’t like was Bulletproof Coffee.  I broke down and bought some coconut oil and tried it.  Now I look forward to it every morning.  It gives me enough energy to hold me over until lunchtime.


It’s easy to make.

Bulletproof Coffee (BPC)

  • 1 cup hot coffee
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 Tablespoon butter
  • 1 Tablespoon heavy cream


Many diabetics follow a Keto diet, but it also helps with weight loss and other ailments.  I’m experiencing less problems with diverticulitis and my psoriasis is clearing up.  I have less fibromyalgia pain too.  Nice bonus.


I’ll keep you updated on my results.  If you’d like to learn more about following a Keto diet I’ve attached a link to order a book from Amazon.  It’s less than $10. so it’s a great way to start.  Just click on the book and it open a link to Amazon.


I’ve been an avid Fitbit fan for several years so I started a Facebook group – Keto Fitbit Walkers.  It’s a new group and I’ll be getting input from members on what they’d like to see in the group.  Check it out.


The Elephant in the Room

I grew up in fear.


Fear of my father’s wrath.  I was well fed.  I was not beaten.  I was not physically abused by him.  I was not loved by him.  In fact, he despised me.  Something he felt the need to remind me of multiple times a day.


The two sentences that were implanted in my brain, multiple times a day –

  • No wonder you don’t have any friends
  • No wonder nobody likes you


My intellect knows this is not true.  The little girl in my heart still believes this.  When someone is unkind – when I post on Facebook and I get no response – when I write a blog and get no comments or likes…


The list is endless.  It has prevented me from having healthy relationships.  Close and lasting friendships.  Living up to my potential.  As a child I was programmed to fail.  My over eagerness to please people actually drives them away.


This abuse did not end in childhood.  It was a constant part of my adult life.  Even after his death last year, it still continues.  The words that have been branded in my brain haunt me daily.


My mother was not an active participant in this.  She stood by and witnessed much of it.  She would tell me he loved me.  She said she never intervened because she thought it would make it worse.


It felt to me as if she was justifying his actions.  To see abuse on a daily basis and just look away…


She took a picture of me in my bed at 2 1/2 years old.  I had fallen asleep with a suitcase packed.  I was going to run away, but I feel asleep.  She thought it was cute.  As a mother, it breaks my heart to think I was so unhappy.


I want to pick up that little girl and tell her everything will be all right.  I want to love and nurture her as every child deserves.  I want to encourage her adventuresome spirit and her love of nature.


For many years I lived in numbness.  I was oblivious to an abusive marriage.   Just like with my father, no blows were landed.  I endured much infidelity and a lack of compassion.  It did not even occur to me that I could do something to protect myself.


I kept myself busy, raising three boys and trying to be a ‘good wife’.  Gardening, canning food, sewing, chopping wood, and raising chickens, goats and a pig.  I did a great job keeping myself busy so I didn’t have to think.  Or feel.


As I’ve gotten older I realize how much of my life I’ve wasted trying to be a ‘good girl’ so my father would love and respect me.  I’ve grown to realize that unless I love and respect myself I will never be truly loved by anyone else.


I have learned to talk back to the voices in my head.  When those hated words my father used on me drift in I shout them out.  I tell them that I do have friends.  I am respected by others.  I matter.  Words can’t (shouldn’t) hurt me anymore.


I am getting strong.  I’m learning to speak my mind.  I accept that not everyone I meet is going to love me.  That I can’t ‘buy’ love with good deeds.  To wait on God to give me what I need.


This was a very painful post to write.  The Never Ending Story  would be a good title.  I’ve tried to be a better parent to my children.  I recognize the power of words and the harm they can do.  There are so many angry people dealing with their pain with guns and violence.  Be careful what you say.  Be kind to strangers, even if they’re rude to you.  You can never know someone else’s pain.



Health Crisis

I haven’t  posted in days.  I seem to be in the middle of ongoing health issues.


  • Out of control diabetes
  • Psoriasis flare up
  • Chest pains
  • Peripheral Artery disease


These are in addition to my chronic conditions.  Doctor appointments and ER visits, lab tests and educating myself about how to manage all this is eating up my time.


Keeping up with any kind of routine has seemed impossible.  I can understand why some people just don’t go to the doctor’s.  The ‘cures’ are almost as bad as the disease.


Now before you think I’m saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ I know that I have to get on top of these problems immediately.  Hence all the doctor appointments and lab work.


It would be wonderful if everything could be cured with a script or two, but that is often not the case.  Your doctor can only do so much.  A lot of the ‘cure’ is your responsibility.  Making changes to your lifestyle and eating habits are your personal responsibility.


I’ve battled with weight issues for years.  I know all the right things it’s just hard to do it.  I know I am not alone in this battle.  Obesity has become a global crisis.   Diet options are endless.  The key is to find one that works for you.


Getting my blood sugar under control will help restore and prevent further damage to my body.  I have been following a Keto diet for several weeks.  Giving up pasta and bread seemed impossible, but the numbers on my glucose meter don’t lie.  When I eat carbohydrates the numbers go up.


There is nothing like chest pain to convince you that the time to get real is NOW.  I’m glad I use a pencil in my planner, because I’ve had to make a lot of revisions lately.


  • Planning meals more carefully.
  • Scheduling time for the gym.
  • Taking daily walks.
  • Charting my blood sugar levels and insulin dosages.


I have so much to do.  I’m trying to get new curtains hung throughout my house.  I still haven’t done my taxes yet.  My garden beckons me even though the ground is still frozen here in Michigan.


I know I can do this.  Lose weight.  Move more.  Track my progress.  I love my Fitbit.  I’ve had one for several years and it makes it so easy to see how much walking I do.  It really is a motivator.


I started a Facebook group to help keep me encouraged.  Keto Fitbit Walkers.  Check it out.  Keto Fitbit Walkers


Even if your not following a Keto diet, I think you’ll find the Facebook group Keto Fitbit Walkers helpful.  Sharing with others who are making their health a priority is a great way to keep you motivated.


Don’t be shy.  Share your health woes and successes  in the comments below.  I need the encouragement.


Spring Brings Change

Spring is coming.  Most of the snow is gone.  I know there will be more cold days.  Late spring snow and cold windy days.


Just a hint of things to come.  This winter seems like it’s gone on forever.  I can’t handle the cold like I used to.  I’ve been working hard to caulk all the gaps.  Not just in my house, but in my life.


Having a plan has helped, but sometimes I get discouraged.  I try to focus on what I can do and not to stress about the things I can’t take care of right now.  I know that many people struggle with hardship of some form or another.


It’s easy to feel like you’re alone in the world.  Isolating yourself and putting things off can only make it worse.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to step back and look at the big picture.


I was feeling discouraged the other day.  After reading my last post I realized I was due for a time out.  I grabbed a legal pad and a new freshly sharpened pencil and got to work.  The yellow pages help me to get serious.  I wrote the heading : ‘Things to be Grateful for’  at the top of the page.


  • Coffee
  • my cats
  • my dishwasher ( I was searching for things to be grateful for…)


After listing about twenty little things my mind got down to business.  I realized that even though I have a lot of trials in my life, I’ve actually have a lot more blessings.  I had been too busy looking at the negative instead of focusing on the positive.  I have a home, drafty and a few leaks, but it’s mine.  I have a loving family and I’m not alone.  I’ve always managed to make things work out when I put my mind to it.


Spring is coming.  It always does.  After a long, cold winter there is so much to look forward to.  The time spent worrying and feeling discouraged is time I can’t get back.  What I can do, is make plans to overcome the obstacles I can and be patient about the things I can’t control.


Life will still be hectic, but with a good outlook it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  I’m taking steps to improve my diet.  Keeping my blood sugar in check will give me more energy to enjoy life.  Find ways you can improve your life.  Small changes can bring big results.


Spring is a special time of year.  It reminds us that there are better things to come.  Just like a rainbow, spring gives me hope.  Even when things seem overwhelming I know they will get better.


There will always be trials and pain, but we have the power to overcome them. By prayer and positive thinking we can change our mindset.  I’m making time for upbuilding things, things that bring me joy.  I thank everyone who has reached out to me.  Knowing that I am not alone means so much.


Take the time today to reach out to someone who is having a hard time, even if you can’t fix their problems.  Just knowing that people care can change a life.

I’m Overwhelmed…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted…


Life is overwhelming sometimes.  So many things are out of my control and I don’t know how I can fix them.


I suffer from extreme poverty.  My options for employment are very limited.  I have multiple disabilities that limit employment choices.  Just scheduling all the medical appointments, lab visits and physical therapy make my availability for most jobs impossible.


I have always made my own work.  Cleaning houses, day care, taking in sewing, mystery shopping…  I even bought a retail building and started my own business.  That worked for almost 12 years.


As I get older, (I’ll be 62 in a few weeks) my health has continued to deteriorate.  Living on such a low income limits my options even more.  I like writing, I even think I’m very good at it.  While exploring options to increase my income I found many sites encouraging blogging as a good option.


There is a lot of really good information available.  What’s tripped me up is to post links to affiliate  sites, (other websites that reimburse you for referrals), requires a blog platform fee.  WordPress has very affordable options but even a few dollars is more than I have.


I work and pray hard to not let discouragement slow me down.  I know spring is coming and I won’t be so cold.  I know that the answers are out there, I just have to keep searching for them.


I’m pretty sure this post is rather depressing, but maybe it will inspire others to keep looking for answers to their own problems.  Just writing this has helped me to see my outlook is standing in my way.  At the moment, it may seem impossible but I know I have found success before and I can do it again.


I have been battling out of control blood sugar. I just started insulin so I hope that helps. I’m also following a keto diet and that is helping too.  It’s been hard because I don’t have much to spend on food. I’ve bought so many eggs lately the grocer must think I’m stocking up for Easter!


Fatigue.  My battle with fatigue is very challenging. I have multiple illnesses that cause fatigue and several of the meds I take also make me tired.  I get so cold I just go to bed to get warm.  My cats love that but it’s hard to stay on schedule when you’re sleeping.


It’s difficult for me to stay motivated sometimes. Living in poverty is depressing enough without a lot of other challenges. My house is cold! I turn the heat up to 62 degrees when I’m really cold.


Even keeping the thermostat low doesn’t make it easier to pay the bills. I joke about my credit score being higher than my monthly income, but it’s no joke.


Song lyrics run through my head, ‘ hold tight a little longer’, ‘I need a miracle,’ ‘I will survive’.   Please forgive me for being so open about my trials.  I’m looking forward to warmer days and sunshine.